Instructions for installing and configuring the application Google Maps (ENG)

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Watch the video with detailed instuctions:



Install the app from Marketplace Bitrix24.




1) Go to the application settings and specify the address of your Bitrix24 portal



2) Write the address of your company in a special field in a format understandable for the navigator (street, house, city, country (optional)).

This address will be used while choosing a company as a start point (beginning of a route).


3) Specify the Google Maps API Token. A detailed instruction where to get it is here

Watch the video guide how to add it:

  • Follow the link to the Google Cloud Platform Console.
    ATTENTION: BEFORE CREATING THE TOKEN API, YOU NEED TO CONNECT PAYMENT (if you do not exceed the limits (see below), then you will not have to pay, but you still need to connect a payment account)
  • In the menu, select API and Services - Credentials.
  • Here we click Create Credentials - copy the created key and paste it into our application. Save it.
  • Сlick - Restrict key. Here we can give a name for the key, in Application Restrictions we leave the item “No”, but in API Restrictions we select 4 items - Directions API, Geocoding API, Maps Embed API and Maps JavaScript API.
  • If you did not see these items, you need to add them to the library so that they become available.
    To do this, scroll to the Google Maps ( item in the menu - Go to the API tab. You will see here all the enabled APIs. Select the needed item and click “Enable”.
    After that, it will appear in the list, edit the created API key.

The limits are reflected HERE. To set the limits, go to the APIs & Services Dashboard, select a project (if there are several), select an API from the list, click on the "Quotas" tab and edit the limits in accordance with the conditions above (pay special attention to the Maps JavaScript API).



!! The application uses the Google Maps service in full compliance with the Google Maps Platform Terms of Service.



4) Next, you must specify the fields that are used in your CRM to indicate the address of entities. For example, if managers use and always write down the client’s address in the standard details field (requisites), simply select it. The address specified in the requisites will be used to determine the location of the client.

If you use non-standard custom fields (for example, your address is made up of separate fields “Street”, “Home”, “Region”), click “Select Fields”, specify the entity (Lead, Deal, Contact, Company) that you want to configure, and choose the fields with information about the address of the entity. Customize the selection of fields for each entity.

ATTENTION: Changing the selected fields is not provided. You will need to reinstall application, if you want to change that fields later. Be careful while choosing them.


5) Done! Now you can start building a route. You can do this both through a specific Deal, and through the “Applications” menu of your portal.

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