How to use module "Calculator in Deals / Kalkulator w Deal"?

1. Install module from Bitrix24 Marketplace. After installing the module, a separate tab “Calculator” will appear in the Deals card.

2. Set the exchange rate.

In the module, for each Deal, you can assign your own exchange rate PLN / USD / EUR, according to which you can recalculate the price parameter.

3. Add products to this Deal and fill in data of costs (Purchase price, transport (delivery) and packing costs) and purchase price.

4. Than you will see that calculator shows the Marge in currency and % and Marge summ, if there were several product pieces.

The calculation formula in the calculator is as follows:

5. Below you'll see Total amount and Margin amount in currency that you choose in the corresponding columns. You can change it anytime.

Save changes if you need to.

Learn more about Calculator on our website -

If you want to build your own formula or have any questions concerning calculator, please, contact us:
+48 226022810

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