VERSION 2: New functional of MAPS MOBILE - Review

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New update of "MAPS MOBILE" app opens the functionality of:

  • the advanced filter (search for different objects depending on the location of the main object),
  • specifying the display radius of objects,
  • adding logos to the map for visualization,
  • exporting a list of objects and a link to the map for users outside the Bitrix24.

Let's learn what has changed in the new version of the application:

1. Section "Settings".

Tab "General"

Company Settings - Enter your company address in this field.

Visible fields - These are the fields which data is displayed in the tooltip when you hover over a point on the map. For the Company and the Deal, you can choose your own list of fields displayed on the plate on the map.

Types - in this block you need to specify the fields by which the classification will go, in fact, this is a search criterion. Here you can also add and set logos by filter, where each logo corresponds to a keyword that can be found in the selected fields.

Tech Settings - There you need to enter Token API Google. Watch how to add API key (read description carefully).

Tab "License"

This tab contains a field in which you enter the purchased license key for the application.


Tab "Data sourse"

ATTENTION! After the initial setup in this tab, the data can only be changed by reinstalling the application. Be careful when filling out.
The information is filled in the same way as in the first version of the application - follow the instructions.


Tab "Export"

In the "Columns" line, specify the fields of the "Company" profile that you want to export to an Excel file.

In the "Attached files" block, you can specify the field in the each entity profile (Company, Contact, Deal, Lead) where you want to add the exported file. So, you will have quick access to the export file directly from the CRM card. This feature is available only when you open an application from an entity profile.

In the "Exceptions" block, you can specify the fields to be filled in non-standardly. With this field you can leave a comment or notes. The list of exceptions can also be found below in the summary table.

For example, you want your export file to include a discount or special offer for all Lidl stores.
Then fill in the fields as follows:

In the export file, we will see information in the following form:


2. Advanced Filter

There are two options for using the filter, which reveal different functionality of the application.

  1. Simple Filter

This filter displays points on the map - you just specify the field that contains information about the objects that you want to display and specify the value. So, for example, you can show all stores on the map (Customer type - Stores (Customers, Partners, etc.). You can search for points by company type, company name and other custom fields.

ATTENTION: the simple filter assumes that you do not specify the radius values, so further functions from the first version of the application are available to you.
On the right side of the screen you will see a list of addresses from which you can build a route and set a task.

    2. Advanced filter with radius and export options.

After filling in the fields of the simple filter, you can specify the radius around the point found by this filter. Then two additional fields will open in which you can specify which objects within a given radius should be displayed.

For example, we want to see on a map all stores within a 5 km radius of our client (s).

Using this type of filter opens up new functionality:
1) The number of areas and objects in these areas is displayed (for example, we have 2 clients and 30 stores within a radius of 5 km.);
2) A list of addresses of objects in a designated radius from the main (central) object is collected.

In addition, three export options become available:

generate a list in an Excel file (commercial offer).
Exported fields and exclusions are specified in the settings (mentioned above);

attach such an Excel file directly to the CRM profile. This feature is only available when opening the app from an entity card.

download a kml file, which can be uploaded to My Google Maps (Create a new map, than click "Import"), where all addresses of the created list will be displayed.
This function is very convenient when you need to transfer the list to a person without an account in Bitrix24, for example, clients, partners, couriers, or just save an offline map .

Try new version of "MAPS MOBILE" right now for free!


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