1. Could all the deals be imported from WHMCS to Bitrix24?

Yes, all orders from all clients are imported to Bitrix24 from WHMCS. Depending on the status (paid, not paid, blocked, etc.), orders are located at different stages of the deals.


2. Can I track service suspension date, etc. in the Bitrix24 Calendar?


The basic functionality of module does not provide synchronization with the Bitrix24 calendar. Nevertheless, custom features of the functionality is available on request.


3. How are the deals distributed between managers?


Initially, through the WHMCS interface in a special field you appoint the person responsible for the deals (this is one person for all orders). Further in Bitrix24 you can change the person responsible for every deal.


4. How is a manager determined in tickets/tasks?


When interacting in tickets / tasks, managers respond to customers through the Bitrix24 interface. The default manager (which will be assigned to be responsible for the tasks) is installed initially during system synchronization.

If the client who wrote the ticket is a “Contact” in Bitrix24, then the responsible employee is automatically changed for him.

The manager writes the response to the client’s ticket in the comments and the client sees from whom the answer comes (not responsible, but commenting person).


5. What entities are used in the synchronization?


Entities used in synchronization:


  • Clients
  • Orders;
  • Invoices;
  • Tickets.


  • Contacts;
  • Companies;
  • Deals;
  • Tasks.


6. How do these entities connect between the systems?

  1.  Clients from WHMCS get into Contacts in Bitrix24. If the “Company name” field is filled in, the information gets into Companies and Contacts in Bitrix24.
  2. Orders in WHMCS fall into Deals in Bitrix24 in a specially created Deal Pipeline. The deal pipeline is created automatically with the name WHMCS and the necessary stages.
  3. Invoices from WHMCS fall into Deals in Bitrix24, into user fields (numerical value with reference information)
  4. Tickets from WHMCS fall into Tasks in Bitrix24 with the possibility of an answer through a comment.

7. How long it takes to synchronize the data?

First synchronization time depends on amount of information, so it can take from 1 minutes to 20 minutes and more.
All subsequent changes in systems will be synchronized immediately.

8. What are the requirements for Bitrix24 version to get a correct module work? 

To experience the correct WHMCS&Bitrix24 Addon work, your should use one of the following Bitrix24 version:

  • Cloud version (CRM+, Project+, Standart or Professional);
  • On-premise version (Bitrix24.CRM, Business, Enterprise).

The module works correctly in a demo, that you can turn on from a FREE version. But keep in mind that demo takes only 30 days. After these days you will be returned to the standard functionality of the free tariff that doesn't include the possibility to use module.

P.S. Requirements to WHMCS: 
WHMCS starting from version 6.3.1.

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