The present License agreement is concluded between You (legal entity or home user) and SUPPORT.PL Spz o.o. (“the Right holder”) that possesses exclusive ownership rights and copyright with regard to usage of data exchange module «B24WHMCS» software (“software”) provided as shareware as follows:

1.       All terms and conditions of the present License agreement are related to usage of the Software. The software is an object of the exclusive right of the Right holder. Violation of terms and conditions of the present License agreement is a breach of law that entails civil, administrative and criminal responsibility.

2.       If you disagree with all terms of the present License Agreement, do not use any copy of the software. By choosing “I accept terms of License agreement” and pressing the “Continue registration” button you agree to all terms and conditions stipulated herein. By choosing “I accept terms of License agreement” and pressing the “Continue” button before you start using the special free version of the Software you agree to all terms and conditions stipulated herein.

3.       During registration you need to specify your name (for a natural person) or a company name (for a legal entity), country, city and e-mail address. A software copy (a file with the .zip extension) is generated upon completion of the registration and is available for downloading from the web-site of the Right holder.

4.       You may use the special free version of the Software only on your personal or work computer with one active WHMCS license. Usage of the special free version of the Software is also a subject to terms and conditions provided herein except for clauses 6.1-6.3 of this agreement.

5.       If you fully agree with all terms and conditions of the present License agreement, the Right holder shall provide you with a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use a copy of the software limited to its launch in any part of the world.

6.       You may use a copy of the software in full compliance with terms of the present License agreement:

6.1. Usage of the software is only allowed within the period and on the number of computers specified while choosing between software usage options. You can find this information in your personal area at the Right holder's web-site (opened upon clicking on the “personal area” link using the interface of your copy of the software.

6.2. You may create copies of the Software as per number of computers specified while choosing between usage options and also copies required in order to use the non-exclusive license. You may also create a backup copy of the software or if you intend to use the copy as a replacement of your legally acquired copy of the software if such a copy has been destroyed or become unusable. Yet no copy of the software may be used for purposes not specified in this clause and must be removed from hard drives immediately if storage or usage of a software copy has become illegal.

6.3. During the software usage period you may contact the Technical support of the Right holder or software distributor that has concluded a corresponding agreement with the Right holder. The Right holder guarantees to reply to messages from users if such messages contain their registration data and are sent through the support system accessible on the Right holder’s website ( Hereby you agree that your personal information submitted by you in the course of registration or with support requests can be used by the Right holder in its internal procedures.

6.4. You may not modify, decompile, disassemble, decrypt or perform any other actions with the software object code aiming to obtain information regarding algorithms implemented in the software unless you have a written permission from the Right holder to do so. You may not modify the software internal protection mechanism. Copying software with removed or nonoperational self-protection mechanism and usage of such software is illegal. You also may not distribute the software, i.e. provide direct or indirect access to the software (or its components) reproduced in any form and by any means including networking or sell, rent, lease and import the software for any of such purposes.

6.5. The software is provided as is with no express or implied warranty. The Right holder is not liable to you for any issues including arising during maintenance of your software copy including any conflicts with other software products or drivers, problems due to your misinterpretation of guidance provided in documentation or failure of the software to meet your expectations. 6.6. You bear sole responsibility for any negative impact caused by incompatibility or conflicts between the software and other software products installed on the same computer. A software copy is not meant and may not be used in information systems operating in hazardous environment or in life support systems where software failure can endanger health or life of a human being.

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