How to use "Document management" app? (EN)

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Proszę zostawić adres e-mail, na który trzeba wysłać promokod.
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Firstly, you have to make some settings - use this instructions.

Let’s move to the example of "Document management" app Usage.

Don't want to read? Just watch the video:

1. Add a new document.

2. Click on it to register it.

3. Fill in all the necessary fields:

  • Date of receiving
  • Document type
  • Document name
  • Recipient (Company)
  • Sender
  • If necessary, you can add a comment, print a document, add a new sheet, view the changes history.

4. After saving the changes, the document will change its status to Registered. We continue its processing by clicking on it.

5. Fill in the new fields and change the old ones if necessary.

6. In the last field, you must select in which format the original document exists. When you select an electronic document after saving the changes, it will immediately be archived. When choosing paper, one more stage of description will be added where it will be necessary to fill in the field and indicate in which folder (segregator) the original document is located - so you can quickly and easily find it.

That is the main process of registering, describing and archiving docs.

Tips for using the interface:

  • Set the visible columns of the table using the special icon.
  • Add documents directly from the application.
  • To quickly search for documents, use the filter according to various criteria:
  • Status (New, Registered, Described, Archived)
  • Keywords
  • Specialization
  • Document Type (Standard Document, Confidential Document, Invoice)
  • Sender / HUB
  • File Creation Date
  • Billing Date
  • Export the table to Excel - just mark the documents, which information you want to be exported and click on the special symbol.
  • Read the documents in the preview.
  • Delete unnecessary files.
  • Sort documents in ascending or descending order (alphabetically) by clicking on the desired column.
  • Use the Archive button to immediately jump to documents that have been archived.
  • You can also search for files by entering names, tags, etc.


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